Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


This was taken in today's photography session. I couldn't find anything else to photograph, so I chose my shoes. While messing around with a budget digital camera loaned to me by school, I stumbled upon the 'neagtive' effect, and the colours of my blue and black shoes came out like this and I really took a liking to it, so there you go.

Jess has gone home So, me and lesley are sitting in the IT room, and I figured i'd upload my blip and keep you posted.

Laura is happy again which is nice, she was featured drawing on my wall a couple of days back, when she came over, she's nice, she's often in blips as I see her weekly. Lesley's scowering her emails because she's bored out of her head. I'm waiting for Bethan to come to the it room, She just has now. Coincidence!

Life is going good, it's quite warm which is nice. I have nothing planned for this evening so I will add to this later most likely. Catherine plays 'Temple Run' too much, it seems to be all she does. She's in my art class too, she's the girl in a blip called 'Wet Shoes' from about 2 weeks ago.

I have to go now anyway, I will add to this later. I have a shivering girlfriend who I should go cuddle.

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