Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A village house...Swiss style

It was so hot today that it was not comfortable to go on a hike. Murdoch and I went for a short walk and then came back to the cool apartment. 

Gavin arrived from London today - he had a rather eventful flight as while the plane was waiting on the runway to take off he felt a bit funny so stood up and promptly fainted, came round to find himself lying in the aisle with his feet in the air and the air crew trying to revive him! He felt a bit shaken for the rest of the flight and the staff were worried about whether he could fly. He is fine now, I think it was the lack of air in the plane before take off.

Thankfully after lunch we had a storm and it has been raining. The heat was getting quite oppressive and the rain has now cleared this. I took this photo of a house in the village in the rain, everything on higher ground was covered in low cloud.

Murdoch went to the vet for his passport checks - as per DEFRA rules, pets need to be dewormed and have their microchips checked between 24 hrs and 5 days before entering the UK, and the vet has to sign his passport as proof of this being carried out.

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