Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Our last day here

The storm last night cleared the intense heat and today was hot but comfortable. Gavin and I decided to take the gondola to the top of the mountain and to walk down towards Davos. Thomas did not want to walk but decided to follow the same trail on his bike. It is a very steep route down the mountain side and at times I found it difficult to walk down, yet Thomas was incredible and managed to bike all the way down those rocky, slippery paths. There were a few other bikers on the same route and I was impressed with Thomas' skill in handling his bike, especially as a few of the other bikers fell.

We had a light lunch at a little hotel in Wolfgang, Davos, and then caught the train back to Klosters. I spent some time editing my photos and now I must start packing as we leave at 4.30am tomorrow morning to go home. 

It has been a very enjoyable 9 days here and we are very sad to be going back so soon, as usually we spend a few weeks here every summer. However, Gavin is very busy at work and needs to be back in the office on Monday and we still have our family holiday to look forward to, as we go to the west coast of the USA next Saturday with all the family.

There were some amazing clouds today, I have added two more images if you are interested.

PS I am finding the softening of the images on this website so annoying - this image is pin sharp and yet when uploaded here it looks soft

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