Pink currants?

On 18 June they looked like this, a transparent soft green to cream with a hint of pink, today they look like pink going to red. And the birds don't seem to have found them yet!? I've eaten them while whitish with no harm done, must try if they taste any different now. I had never seen white currants before and neither pink ones.

The extra picture is yet another hoverfly, this one on a cornflower, JDO yesterday had two wonderful macros showing that both flies and hoverflies even have hairy tongues, today I captured the hairy tongue thingy of a tiny hoverfly too , although I don't know if you will be able to see that in the extra photo size :-)

Thank you very much for your lovely comments on yesterday's Blip, I still don't know what that yellow flower is (and it refused to open today on an overcast day)

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