Arriving in Barcelona

I took this picture through the windscreen of my sister's car as she was driving me from the airport. I couldn't resist the sunset!

My journey started with a grumpy bus driver who insisted I'd asked for a single ticket when I'd clearly asked for a return. I didn't stay to argue though, because I didn't want that grumpy bugger to spoil the start of my holidays. At Edinburgh airport I did some essential shopping and then I went to try a few whiskies at the whisky shop before I went to take my flight. I tried a Bowmore, two Balvenies and an Old Pulteney which you can only find at the airport. The flight to Heathrow went fine, and at Heathrow Airport I tried yet another only airport release, this time a Macallan! Then I had a very disappointing blueberry muffin!

The flight to Barcelona went fine apart from the last ten minutes, when we were landing, since we had really strong turbulences. But we landed safely! The only little problem I had at Barcelona airport was that I went to the wrong belt to wait for my luggage, so obviously my luggage was not there! I went to check the screen again, and I realised I'd been waiting in the wrong one. But, when I went to the right one, my luggage was not there either and the belt had stopped. I went to the Iberia stand to report the loss of my luggage, and then, as I walked past the belt on my way out, I saw my luggage there! Somebody must have taken it thinking it was theirs and then placed it back on the belt! So I had to go back to the Iberia stand and report I had already found my luggage.

By the time I went out, my sister thought that she was in the wrong terminal, because I'd taken so long! Never mind. Safely home and with my luggage!

Very happy to see my family, and very tired now. Not sure if I'll have time to comment back, but I'll try.

Thanks very much for all your nice comments! I hope you all had a good day! :)

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