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By Sheol

Lily and the Marmalade Prince

Tiny Tuesday: Agapanthus and Marmalade Fly

I've been waiting for the Agapanthus to flower for what seems like weeks, so that I could take a photo of one of them.  The Agapanthus is often called an African Lily.  What I did not know, but found out today is that the name of this particular plant family is Agapanthoideae, which is derived from scientific Greek: αγάπη = love, άνθος = flower.

They are the most delightful cornflower blue colour.  This morning I noticed that the first one had opened and nipped out to take a photo, only to find that the Jack of Hearts here, was busy wooing her already.  A "love flower" indeed and a nice thing to have blooming on the patio by the back door.

The extra is a picture of a different type of hoverfly - I have uploaded it as it nicely shows off the compound eyes.

This week's challenge is being judged by  Beckett and you should be able to see all the entries here

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