The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Still Getting A Buzz From This ...

Entry number 673 and still an unbroken sequence ...

Last nights back blipped Anthrax gig picture annoys me somewhat, but then I am glad I have a camera on an iPhone or else it would have been an emergency blip in the extreme. I didn't get in until quarter to twelve, so gawd knows what I would have found in that short space of time ... probably only my pillow!

I have felt like the Edwards 400E bus has run over me most of today ... so it must have been a good night last night ... I really must listen to my head and not my inner teenager at times! ;o)

This was a quick blip ... I just popped out, waiting for a bee to land on the chive flower heads and took 4 shots, it turned out to be one of the better bee photos I have taken thus far ... this is why I love blip .. just keeps you doing a bit of daily photography!

I have also blipped my mandatory bee blip, as I was feeling left out as everyone else was!

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