Not amused

One is most definitely not amused. 

Poor Cousteau has his nose out of joint because Maggie is staying with us this week. He doesn't like to share. At all.

Not his people. Not his things. Not his space.

Our poor spoilt boy is a bit off his game. He even chewed his new comfy bed last night and has been relegated to a blanket (albeit a lovely big, fluffy one) until he calms down.

He'll work it out. He just ignores her most of the time while she turns herself inside out, trying to get him to pay her attention.

We've been working on a little project today. Lovely to work alongside my hubby to be creative and to see just how clever he is. I've been wielding a pencil, clamps and a pair of ear muffs, while he has been working his magic.

P.S. Please excuse the slobber on the door. I hadn't noticed it until I looked at the pictures. Another job I should do soon!


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