If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Ullswater looking towards Sandwick

The usual Saturday with the Lodge to prepare for the next set of guests.  As we had Katkatkat as an extra pair of hands we got the routine jobs finished early.  This allowed  time for some gardening and mowing the lawn and we were still finished before mid afternoon.

As it was Penrith show day we knew from past experience that the traffic over Eamont Bridge would be difficult.  So we decided to take the scenic route home along the lake.  Just as we arrived at a suitable lay-by for parking the sunlight was wonderful.  There were no parking places, Clickychick said let me out and you can move if anyone wants out.  As she was getting out a car offered us their place and by the time we had parked the sun had gone!

Fortunately by the time we had got home and lit the fire pit we were back to sun and clear blue skies.  Katkatkat doesn't have chance to have BBQs living on the fourth floor in Edinburgh so we enjoyed a lovely evening BBQ sadly our other guest was unwell and couldn't turn up.

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