If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Red Kite.

Our main objective for today was to visit the Red Kite feeding station at Bellymack Farm.   As that wasn't until the afternoon we went along to Threave Gardens for a wander round.  They really are worth a wander round.

Due to things (like finding the farm) being quicker than we expected we arrive nearly an hour before the place was technically open.  So we parked and prepared to wait.  The handbrake was hardly on before I spotted my first Kite.

The Kites kept us entertained until we moved onto the viewing space.  Kites kept appearing and as the feeding time approached the sky and trees were getting full.  When the lady appeared with the bucket of meat the sky really was full.  The RSPB gentleman reconed 75 -80 and in his words "not a lot they aren't hungry at this time of the year".

I know the shot is not technically good - noise from needing a high ISO and being a crop due to distance.  I am pleased however that I managed to keep the bird in the viewfinder and actually get a shot.  The feeding was spectacular with birds diving in a speed snatching food and away with no pause.

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