If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Wild Goat.

An interesting day in Southern Scotland.  "The Mate" had seen a Forest Drive marked on the map and having a Defender he was wanting to have a go.   As it turned out ordinary cars can manage the "forest road".  There were however advantages, the scenery was beautiful and very remote, there were plenty of well planned stopping places and in the middle at "The Otter Pool" a car park and toilets.

After we completed the forest drive we called in at a Red Deer viewing point but that would be much better in winter when they come down for supplementary feeding.

Then a little further down the road were "Wild Goats".  Yes they are feral goats from the local population but I would hardly call the couple of nannies taking carrots from children (through the wire) truly wild.  This guy caught my eye with his magnificent set of horns and he was aloof to visitors bearing gifts, staying further up the hill side.

It is thought there are only 1500 feral goats which remain true to those which escaped centuries ago so they are the remnants of the true old English breeds.  Modern goat breeds are imported for their size and short hair (or so I am told) just like the cattle breeds Limousin, Charolais etc.

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