If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

The view from a caravan site.

Knowing that we had the long drive home I expected to wouldn't get much chance to blip.  So while we were packing up and readying the caravan for travel I took some shots of birds on the feeders.

While we get Siskins on our feeders at home standing about eight feet away as they fed was a new experience.  The owners of the site very sensibly don't mow the areas of the site which aren't used.  This has two beneficial effects, first they don't need to waste fuel mowing areas which have no useful purpose.  Secondly leaving the grass land natural encourages the wildlife which caravaners enjoy (well we certainly did).

Somebody will have spotted this isn't' a shot of a Siskin on a feeder!  That is because I decided I could take shots of birds on feeders at home, so gave you the view from the site instead.  We were sorry to be leaving the site particularly as the weather seemed as if it would be the best day of our short trip.

We will I am sure return as there is so much to do and see in the area and we are unlikely to find a better site.

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