Settling down to this project work has been hard!

I've had to settle down to some paid work this afternoon as we've got another meeting of the Geography & Global Dimension project group on Monday afternoon. I found it really tough going, trying to settle to it that is, but funnily enough I've actually quite enjoyed doing it once I started.

Before that I had quite a frustrating morning - though Tai Chi was great!

I was intending to give my now redundant Panasonic TZ3 to Merv (you may remember he built our fireplace and is now working on taking out the garden wall). Well I'd got everything together and there was even some charge left in the battery - the only problem was that the shutter was well and truly stuck. I've tried all the things suggested on an online forum and I can't get it working again! He'd seen a group of three fox cubs playing on the drive at Stainborough Castle, he's a volunteer warden, and quite regrets not being able to take their photo.

Then I'd tried to install my Wacom tablet on this computer and failed miserably! Sometimes you have those sort of days - so I never got around to finishing off my last bit of decorating in the bedroom.

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