Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Perfect Tree and a Blue Moon

This evening was a rare occurrence of a blue moon, a second full moon in a calendar month. Apparently the next blue moon isn't until 2018. Given a clear forecast I decided to head up to Peckleton to visit my perfect tree and try and get a composition of the tree with the rising full moon.

In the paddock was a flock of sheep who seemed to graze their way across the paddock half way and then turn round and graze back the other way, the snipping and munching was the sound track of my wait for the moon rise. I was on the verge of giving up, about half an hour after moon rise as there was a bank of cloud on the horizon, when the moon suddenly appeared through the clouds. It was clearly visible briefly before disappearing back into the clouds again.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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