Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Magna Carta

... or the Great Charter...

Went into London today to the Guildhall Art Gallery. First time ever and what an amazing place it is! Couldn't believe it. It sits on top of a Roman amphitheatre for starters (bottom right). The Guildhall houses a 1297 original of the Magna Carta and for this year, they had a special exhibition related to it. I can't stress the importance of this 800 year old document and the benefits we get from it in terms of human rights.

The gallery also houses other artwork; but the best thing of all for me was how quiet it was. No crowds to battle to see things - it was possible to actually read a lot of the notes and stop and look at the displays.

Home not long after through commuter traffic and a quiet evening catching up with my friends. My last day tomorrow. I looked up a local Dubai newspaper online to discover the Middle East has been experiencing an awful heatwave in July with 47degC temperatures. This is set to continue into August. Oh dear... Still it's been good to have 3 weeks respite.

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