Fun at the Strawberry Farm

We met Mrs C and the boys at Rectory Farm near Oxford today. It's our first visit of the year and it was fab!
I got there just after 11.45am and left at 5.30pm!!
There was raspberry picking, bouncing on the bouncy castle and the giant inflatable slide, sausage rolls and tea, strawberry picking, hay bale slides, digging for carrots and giant beetroots, more climbing on - and jumping off - hay bales, running around and generally having a wonderful time.
The hay bales were a particular hit. Miss E evidently burrowed in head first and made sure she got as much tangled up in hair as possible! (See extras) 
I think she was channelling Daisy Duke!!!
When Mrs C and the boys left I couldn't drag the Little Misses away. Just like yesterday on the beach and at Whipsnade the other day they made friends with a little gang and so enjoyed playing and hanging around with them.
As usual it made my heart sing to watch them. So happy and carefree!
Mr K came just after 5pm on his way home from working in Didcot. I left the filthy bedraggled Little Misses in his care and headed to Bicester for Fat Club.
It was so nice to have a couple of hours to myself. The first in the best part of a month!! 
Two pounds off which is a step in the right direction.
I didn't stay as my mum and dad are away but popped to Tescos to pick up ingredients for our day of cooking tomorrow. Beetroot and chocolate muffins, carrot cake, raspberry jam.
I didn't really know what ingredients to buy and couldn't get the internet on my phone so I bought chocolate, eggs, honey, lemons, ground almonds, flour - plain and self raising, butter, jam sugar, caster sugar, vanilla extract and walnuts.
I think that should cover most eventualities!!!
The Little Misses were still in the bath when I got back. It took Mr K the best part of an hour to get all the hay out of their hair and scrub off the grime of the last few days.
I told them to go and clean their teeth before bed at about 7.45pm and they mournfully pointed out that they hadn't had any dinner and they were starving.
Beans on toast and bed!

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