Our Old House

This is the kitchen of our old house in Bicester. When I stood in it for the first time I turned to Mr K and said - in front of the owner - that I loved it and we should definitely buy the house. Nothing like playing your cards close to your chest!!!
Both the Little Misses came home to this house when they were born. Lots of memories!
Today we spent the day clearing out the garden ready for the new owners. Annoyingly we thought we had until the end of the month but they've bought the exchange date forward.
We should have said that it was fine to bring the date forward but they'd have to clear the garden themselves or else wait until we get back from France in two weeks to exchange. No doubt they'd have gone for the former option and saved us a day filling rubble bags, carrying heavy rubble bags and concrete and pipes etc. Getting bashed, filthy, knackered and wrecking the back of my car. Going back and forth to the dump four times.
But it's done and we're off on holiday tomorrow. Woohoo!!!

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