The Purple Hotel

As usual I left everything to the last minute and spent all day today getting ready for our holiday to France. I had to have the heating on full blast all day to get the laundry dry which was hideous and didn't do much to relieve my stress!!
But eventually I got packed - practically everything we own!! - vaguely tidied the house, fed the Little Misses and waited for Mr K to get home so we could set off.
Despite Mr K getting home before 7pm we didn't leave until almost 9pm. I was really happy and understanding about his faffing......
I had been looking forward to my Subway's at South Mimms all day - it's a tradition - but because of Mr K's teeth-grindingly irritating important work we didn't make it there before it shut and I had to make do with a prawn sandwich from Sainsburys instead. Grrrrrrrrr!!
We made pretty good time round the M25 and zoomed down the M20 towards Folkestone. We were five minutes away from the Purple Hotel when we saw the dreaded blue lights up ahead and the traffic ground to halt. Five minutes from bed and I could hardly keep my eyes open.
We were parked up for about half an hour. Mr K went straight to sleep and I watched the Olympic opening ceremony on the iPad. 
We eventually got going again and ten minutes later we were all tucked up in the comfy beds at the Purple Hotel.

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