Five Having a Fabulous Time in Devon

Apart from having to stumble out of the tent for the loo in the early hours I had a very good night's sleep in our fabulous little tent. I love it!!!!
It was toasty warm this morning with all five of us in the one bedroom and the sun beating down on us!
It was lovely to see the campsite in daylight having arrived in the dark last night. It's gorgeous seeing all the rolling Devon hills. Proper storybook scenery!
After breakfast we packed up and went and did a bit of Bongo shopping. I chose the campsite because it's a couple of miles from a Bongo dealer and having been extensively researching them in recent days we wanted to see some in the flesh.
To say that the Little Misses were excited would be a huge understatement!! They climbed up in the roof and there was much squealing and gigging!
Mr K and I weren't much better. We want to be Bongonauts!!
The plan is for Mr K to sell his car and use a Bongo as his main vehicle as well as for our adventures.
Growing up many of our holidays were spent in Shirley Sherpa travelling round Dorset, Normandy and Wales. I want to make memories like that with the Little Misses.
We dragged ourselves away from the dealer and headed to Kingswear to get the ferry over to Dartmouth. I love that journey - the sparkly blue water, the brightly coloured houses crowding down the hill to the Dart estuary. Just glorious!!
As usual we were lucky and got parked right by the quayside. And headed straight to the fabulous Rockfish for lunch. We had planned to get a takeaway but we discovered that Archie was allowed in the restaurant so we ate in.
The Little Misses and Mr K had fish and chips declaring it to be the best ever. I was very good and had grilled mackerel and salad. The mackerel was AMAZING - so fresh and delicious!! Ginger beer (Miss L), root beer (Mr K) beer (me) and lemonade (Miss E) and our wonderful lunch was complete.
Afterwards we took the few steps to the quay and sat down for a spot of crab fishing. The crabs are a smarter lot here than they are in Southwold!! Miss L managed to get one out of the water and into the bucket but apart from that nothing. But as Miss E kept saying - fairly convincingly - that it was still fun just trying!!
After we all had ice creams - rum 'n' raisin for me, bubble gum for Miss E (eek!!), mint chocolate chip for Miss L and amazing Lotus biscuit flavour for Mr K - it was time to head to Mr K's dad's house. Mr A lives between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge in a very lovely village on the Kingsbridge Estuary.
The Little Misses were very excited to see Grandad again and it was lovely seeing him. It's been a year and as we said last year we mustn't leave it so long next time!
From there we drove the couple of miles to Wilton Farm Campsite near South Pool and set up camp again. It a wonderful site - just a couple of fields with stunning views across to Salcombe. It has three sheds in the corner housing a shower, a compost loo and a sink for washing up/cleaning teeth. It's brilliant!!
We were set up in no time and Mr K cooked our standard camping fare of hot dogs and beans for the Little Misses and then later, when they were tucked up into their sleeping bags listening to the Famous Five on Audible, curry and rice for us.
We ate watching the sun go down and then watching the moon and stars appear. Gorgeous!!!

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