Today was a much better day!
We went to Bicester first thing to see Inside Out which was very good. It got a bit bleak in points (and then got a bit bleaker and a bit scarier!) and I was watching the Little Misses watching it wide eyed with their hands over their faces thinking that any minute now they were going to insist on leaving. But they stuck it out and - spoiler alert - there was a happy ending so all was well.
The film is about the emotions in a little girl's head - joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust - and how she (and they) react to the changes of moving house and growing up.
At the risk of sounding a bit psychobabbly airy fairy it gave me the chance to have a chat with Miss E about the emotions in her head, why she feels a bit overwhelmed with it all sometimes and how to try and get some balance and control.
A little bit more joy and a bit less anger, fear and disgust!!
Hopefully it'll give her something to relate to when we're talking about her behaviour.
We came home and had a lazy afternoon playing on iPads and laptops and watching Scooby Doo. In between all the laziness we made raspberry jam which was great. The Little Misses loved stirring it all into the massive pan - like George's Marvellous Medicine - and were particularly excited about all the sugar that went in!
The end result is delicious, if a little seedy! I couldn't be bothered pushing it all through a sieve!!
When Mr K got home I went over to Milton Keynes to meet Mrs Z for dinner. It was lovely to see her as ever! We went to Byron's Burger and had huge tasty burgers, healthy quinoa salads, chips, cheesecake, macchiatos and peppermint tea. Delicious!!!
Home for five minutes chatting with Mr K before collapsing into bed.

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