Play me!

Well I think that's what 'Luajne me mua' means.. and I'm not sure what language either! The piano was covered in numerous such like different languages.. all saying the same thing...I think ...
A trip to Leeds today as we were involved in a little photo exhibition at the Corn Exchange there in aid of Leeds Autism Services... do pop along if you are in the hood!
On my way home I was so happy to see that Leeds train station have a spontaneous 'play me' piano!!  My favourite piano is at St Pancras in London.. (also my very favourite station... next to KWVR of course!) and I just love the people who stop.. take time out.. and tinkle on the ivories... oh I just love it... I could watch and listen all day... and I think the moments of musical bliss, amongst the hustle and bustle of people on their way here there and everywhere is just sublime.  
This chap sounded truly amazing.. he was brilliant... I asked him if he was ok if I took his photo and he nodded and smiled... this man took me to a little moment of calm, during a hectic and hot day... oh I wish I could play the piano! 

PS... I am seriously behind with comments.. forgive me... but I soooo appreciate the time, thoughts and kindness you give my journal.. it doesn't go unnoticed xxx

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