Because I am the sort of person who likes to be “on the go” and doing things all the time, you will probably guess that this jigsaw puzzle is absolutely nothing to do with me!

Mr. HCB is the puzzler in our house and spends hours looking for that one piece that fits in exactly the right place.

For some reason I was very tired last night and slept for 12 hours, so when I came down at almost 10.00 a.m. this morning, there he was, out in the conservatory, with the rain pounding down on the roof, quietly “working” away at his jigsaw.  In case anyone is interested and it actually doesn’t look that good in mono, this puzzle is of Brixham Harbour in Devon.

Because I am not that interested, I just thought you picked up a piece, tried it and if it didn’t fit, picked up the next piece and so on - but I was wrong.  Mr. HCB tells me that the sky on any puzzle is often quite difficult, so the best thing to do is to sort out the pieces into the same shapes, so that makes it easier.  I really don’t have that much patience and quite honestly I would rather be reading a good book - but each to his own!

What a good job that we don’t all like the same things - otherwise the world would be a very boring place!  Mr. HCB isn’t interested in Facebook, Blipping or colouring - although he does model for me occasionally and is quite happy to help me choose a photograph;  I am definitely NOT interested in football and although I do sometimes watch cricket, I don’t go with him to cricket matches.  I don’t sit for hours trying to solve Sudoku puzzles, and he isn’t interested in writing a journal, but despite our differences - or maybe because of them - we have had a long and happy marriage and now have a happy retirement - apart and together - and it works for us.

We might go out for a coffee later, but I guess that depends on whether he gets the sky done!

“But who can say 
     why two people become a couple, 
          that small principality 
               of mutual protection and regard? 
Couples are jigsaw puzzles 
     that hang together 
          by touching in just enough points.” 
Diane Ackerman

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday, both about James and Mr. HCB in his new hat - and apologies for not responding or commenting - it seems 12 hours sleep was what I needed.  

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