Another warm day, but in the morning it looked much cooler and we decided to walk a path that starts from Lippoldsberg to Wahlsberg, a path that we had seen announced on a big map near the church and often had  kept in mind for a new walk.
So we drove along the Weser, took the fery to Lippoldsberg, walked around the beautiful old monastry church and then started our walk.
We walked a path that we once had cycled to Uslar and although we found it a bit strange, we kept walking.
But at a certain point it was obvious that this was not the intended route at all. And we found out that somewhere we should have left the cycle path. Don' t think that we minded this at all. We were in a lovely green valley, half in the shadow and to my surprise I saw the banded damselflies nearby. They were shy, and danced away.
A nice walk we had and still will have the option to come another time for the other path.

My haiku:

If, if we would have
Followed the right path then
We would have missed you

And the proverb:

As right as my leg.

c. 1630 Roxb. Ballads.

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