Games - Throw BackThursday

We had huge storm last night with very heavy rain. There was continuous lightning in the early hours which reminded me of strobe lights in a nightclub!

Today is a big day over in here Jersey as it's our annual Battle of Flowers parade. There's a saying 'that it never rains on Battle Day' but unfortunately it does, as I remember it drizzling whilst being part of it a few years ago. I really hope it clears up for everyone today though!

My entry for Throwback Thursday was going to be Battle related, but as the weather is so rubbish I'm not going far. So, here is a collection of games from the cupboard. Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders, Jenga, Chess plus some playing cards hidden in the back. This is what gaming was all about when I was younger.

Thanks to KangaZu for hosting.

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