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My first entry into KangZu's Challenge (thank you for hosting!).

This is a photo of my late Mum and her Mum (my Gran) taken in 1981 when Mum lived in Collingham near Newark, Nottinghamshire.  Gran lived in a flat in nearby Newark.
Mum died June of this year and Gran died February 1991 (aged 91).   

Mum bought the bungalow direct from the builder and the garden was just a rubble site around three sides - she worked long and hard and made it into a beautiful place to be - full of flowers, shrubs, butterflies and birds - I recall the only thing she had professionally done was the rustic archway/walkway that you can see behind them.

Both Mum and Gran hated having their photos taken (it runs in the family - so do I) so I have very few of either of them and I think this is the only one of them together - now preserved on blip for posterity.

The original photo is a 3" x 3" (7.5 x 7.5 cms) print and not particularly good quality but this is was the best I could make of it by re-photographing it and editing in Windows.

A HUGE thank you for all your fabulous and humbling comments yesterday on my 1500 blips ..... I've re-read them all again this morning and am so flattered at some of the things you say about me (if only you really knew me!!!!!  lol) ........... thank you, thank you, thank you.

Next milestone for me is 2000 ...... only 499 to go!

FlowerFriday entries this week - please tag    FlowerFriday14    thank you.

~ Anni ~

Message for the Day

Dear Past ....... Thanks for all the lessons.

Dear Future ..... I'm ready!!

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