By LadyYakAlot

Best Laid Plans

This evening was to be a relaxing ‘me-time’ evening … however (!!) … I had forgotten I said I was going to see my mum and take the little Bridesmaid dresses over – oops!
It was actually nice catching up with mum because I haven’t seen her for a while and she was very excited about seeing the girls (my nieces) gorgeous dresses. It also gave me the chance to do the switching I had to do on the dresses … it was a case of removing the white sash and replacing it with the burgundy … and oh my goodness it transformed the dresses and tied them right in with the colour theme (the other girls dresses are burgundy!).
Weddings obviously take lots of planning and there are lots of bits done in isolation … so it will be good to see the whole thing come together! I can’t wait to see us all dressed up in our dresses, shoes & stuff complete with the flowers …. And just hope all the colours blend together. I was able to see my mums outfit too (which again is gorgeous!)
Back home instead of the restful planned evening it turned into ironing and soap watching … with the army packing up night flying early and David surprising me by coming home much earlier than expected, my evening turned out completely different to the plan  I had when driving home!!

Tomorrow I plan a restful evening in front of the TV …honest!!!

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