Living upon the hill

The weather has changed again. It is much warmer now.
We had to go to Beverungen for an errand and decided to walk a new path, starting in  Meinbrexen. As there were no signs, we had to guess which path would be the one we liked to walk. For a while everything went well enough. We came at a big grass field with several cows with young ones in it. First one came nearer, curious of course, as cows are. Then many other followed and stood all near the fench.
When we had greeted them and had taken pictures, we followed our path that more and more was overgrown. And even ended suddenly.
We went uphill and stumbled for a while till we found another path that led us to a plain with a wide view! So pleasant his walk.
When we reached Beverungen and went into the shops for our errands we both felt tired afterwards. But glad we had found what we needed.

My haiku:

Not really free there
But full of joy and food too
And be together

And the proverb:

Neither to hold or to bind.

1824  Scott, St. Ronan´s.

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