Journey Through Time

By Sue

The Ocean at Manzanita Beach

We had a family outing today with Bill and David and auntie and me. We drove over to Manzanita (on the Oregon Coast), after lunch at Camp 18, a huge restaurant off of the main highway to the coast from Portland. Then into Manzanita where we went down to the beach and walked around town and drove around for a bit looking it over. The day looks cloudy and cold, but actually, it was cloudy and warm! There was a bit of tropical humidity to the air and it was really, really nice, even if the sun was behind the thin cloud layer. We discovered Manzanita when there were two stores and one restaurant/bar back in 1972, actually. We ended up building a little beach house there and watched the town change over the years. We sold the house and our trips back have not been as frequent as we have liked, but it is a treat to go there when we can. Now it has become a bit of a trendy spot, with boutiques and book stores, specialty shops and cozy restaurants. The beach access now has decorative benches and rocks placed artfully so that people can sit on them, instead of a steep trail to the beach. Auntie plopped down on one of the decorative benches and Bill and David and I walked to the water's edge. There were a lot of people on the beach and several were in the water. Didn't see anything from Japan on the beach either. I didn't test the water, because sometimes it isn't as cold as other times, but it must not have been freezing as several seemed to not be fazed by it.

Speaking of not being fazed, you have to see this picture. We drove down to the south end of town and this group of people, two adult women and a bunch of kids were getting ready to cross the road from the beach to their house. We stopped the car to let them go, and the kid bringing up the "rear" was naked as a jay bird. He was pretty comfortable in his own skin, I must say. I couldn't resist, and I was in the back seat with a perfect view of his receding back side, so SNAP!. Love to know the story 'behind' his actions. I wasn't daring enough to make this my blip, but I sure thought about it.

Then we did a quick tour of Cannon Beach and eventually headed for home just as the sprinkles were starting. Still, the weather remained very pleasant and it was just a nice outing for us all.

My wrist feels better, but I am going to ice it in a few minutes.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day to you dads.

See ya later.

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