It’s been a lovely breezy summer’s day today and, after taking Little Dog out, I took my bike out for a leisurely ride.  It was great being on my own choosing my own pace. 


I did put in a bit of effort to come over the Langbar hill from Beamsley and the Otley hill from Askwith which I hadn’t done that way before.  I’d remembered the Langbar hill being easier than it was today which I’m convinced is psychological.  When I did it the first time, I anticipated having to push or at least pause, which I didn’t and therefore it was easier than expected.  Today, I’d remembered it was easier than expected but had blanked out the fact it was still tough on my lungs.  

It was tough on my lungs.

The Askwith hill on the other hand, was much more pleasant than I’d expected, with nothing that made my heart explode.  I wonder if I’ll think that next time?

And that’s my analysis for the day!

I spotted this view of the Cow & Calf hill in the sunlight.  I didn’t put in the effort to include that one today but I did double back 20 metres or so to take the photo :-)

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