Bowl of discovery......

Although the days are certainly getting longer the last few days have started with a frost, sometimes light and sometimes heavy. There's been a chill in the air with brisk light winds coming off the sea. At the estuary rippled waters shimmered in the light while Mount Grey was more subdued in haziness from drifting smoke. The sea was high and looked so cold with its turquoise blues and white caps, mum could smell the sea air but unfortunately my nose is still not clear enough.
I had a little fun with my estuary shot reminding me of a bowl, one you can look through the shimmering waters to a rounded landscape or down into the landscape and all beyond, perhaps a bowl of discovery. The tiny black specks are birds which suddenly decided to take flight, probably terns but really they were to far away to see properly. The colours and haze add to the winter landscape all encased by the shimmering light - it was pure magic!
Thank you for all of your kind supportive words yesterday and apologies for not commenting last night, I just wasn't in the right space and felt rather tired after visiting R. It was lovely to spend some time with mum away from the hospital today. We enjoyed ambling in the gardens and then by the estuary before watching the waves of the Pacific Ocean roll into shore - moments to treasure.
It's now time to put the groceries away, get the washing in and prepare tea - Chicken wraps and salad tonight.

Mum's blip - Pretty Camellia
Happy Thursday everyone :)

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