All was calm and the air cool as the last calls from roosting birds echoed through the garden. The ground was soft and wet as I hung around the lower branches of the camellia tree, with camera in hand.

It had been a busy and solemn day, a day visiting R who was kind of with us but mostly not. We fed him his lunch which he ate with his eyes closed. He looked tired and old with several days of stubble upon his face, he would've hated that as he was always a clean shaven man.

We talked to him and tried to be where he was but we really couldn't reach him today, perhaps on our next visit we'll see a glimpse of the R we used to know.

Thank you for all of your supportive words over the last few days along with many hearts and stars. A tough time at present with a little lightness occasionally, we take the good with the bad and one day at a time, each day different to the next. 

A quiet solemn Wednesday for us this week.

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