Just the wind, rain and myself at the playground today, it's no wonder when you come face to face with something like this.

Is it a snake turned into a dragon, the expression is threatening with it's cheeks full of air, eyes set back, a mouth ready to gobble you up and that cheeky tongue poking out - think I would run a mile if I was a young child. The conversation between the beast and the red tin box was mind boggling as the wind tossed the beast around, turned it inside out and flung it flying through the air. The playground was not the place to be on this dull, windy, rainy kind of day.

Little did I know at the time, I went out during the worst part of the day, it cleared later to blue sky and some sun. While 'out and about' I called into mum's who needed some help with her tablet and I got invited to stay for lunch, toasted sandwiches went down a treat after battling against the elements at the playground, thanks mum - they were absolutely delish!

The rest of my day I've been pottering, a few jobs done and dusted, not bad for a Saturday which is good :)

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