Throwback Thursday ......

 .... featuring my Dad.

Taken (according to the back of the photo) in Somerset on February 20th 1942 - which would have made him just 17 years old.

He was born and brought up in York - met my Mum in 1950 on a bus in Harrogate, they married in July 1951 and I was born in April 1952 - a honeymoon baby!!!  Mum always used to joke that I was conceived in a rowing boat on Lake Windermere  ...... never quite sure whether it's true or not but it's certainly different!!!

Mum and Dad separated in 1973 and Dad died in May 2006 at the age of 81 - up until the start of that year he was still baking his own bread, making fabulous pastry concoctions and was a brilliant cook - his Yorkshire puddings were melt-in-the-mouth delicious.

Looking through his old RAF photo album I have a few of his memories in there to post on blip in the future!

FlowerFriday28  tomorrow - please tag accordingly ......  

The start of "Where's BikerBear Now " on Saturday (driving to the airport tomorrow afternoon and staying overnight for the morning flight) ..... fingers crossed for good weather.   
Your first clue - it's not the USA!


~ Anni ~

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