Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tennis, anyone?

Alternate Title:  Dream Big

I can never pass up an opportunity to watch Red Squirrels, especially since they aren't one of our backyard visitors.  They are much smaller than our Gray Squirrels, and much faster, making them a bit more tricky to photograph.  However, this one was quite focused on getting hold of the black-walnut, making him somewhat easier to photograph.  The walnuts are falling from the trees right now, still covered with their hard green outer "layer" - a tasty favorite for all squirrels, but hard to manage at this stage. Eventually this little guy gave up and left his treasure lying on the ground, but not before I got some pretty funny pictures of him. 

My friend, Cathy, and I saw loads of birds while we were out walking this morning, in addition to a couple of red squirrels, some gray squirrels, butterflies, dragons and a bunch of frogs.  I posted six photos starting HERE on Flickr

My little monarch cats are doing well although #1 is quite a bit behind the other two in terms of size.  Number 3 is holding steady at about an inch while # 2 is catching up.  And I discovered a fourth cat in the garden - I put an inverted mesh laundry basket over the entire plant he's on, so he should be safe from predators.  I'm also watching some leaves that appear to have monarch eggs - hopefully some will hatch...soon.  I must confess that I'm having fun being a "monarch mom".  

Last walk of the year with my naturalist group tomorrow - really looking forward to it.

We are trying out another DIY meal delivery service - this one called HelloFresh.  Got the first box today, with all the fixings for 3 dinners.  Tongiht's menu...tuna tacos with a fresh slow of veggies. Be interesting to see how this company compares with BlueApron (which we've really been enjoying.)

I am kind of speechless about the continuing comments, hearts and stars on my little hoverfly from several days ago.  Thank you!

TTFN, people...

PS:  And I nearly forgot to mention...when I went out on the deck to check on everything this morning, there was a black bear about 10 feet away.  I gave him a blast with my brand new marine air horn and you should have seen that sucker FLY into the woods!  He couldn't get away from me fast enough!  I am feeling victorious.

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