A flavour...

... of Whitby Folk Week!

Had a great time today! 

Short visit to the Craft Fair early afternoon, mainly so that MrM could take a few mandolins to a trader who'd kindly agreed to put them on his stall. Very good to meet lots of friends we hadn't seen since last year.

MrM went off to play at a ceilidh later on in the evening, so I had plenty of time to watch some dancing - lots of excellent dance sides performing before and after the procession. Attempted to meet up with June, Anne and Malc for a pre-procession cider, but we managed to miss each other by seconds! Never mind - we all made it to the campsite for prosecco and cake before 'Taffy's Tunes and Tales' - an evening of stories and music.

Main photo: Seven Champions Molly Dancers' hats.
And, for those of you who're interested, the Extras show:
Wakefield Morris (in blue and gold) - one of the sides I used to dance with -  at the end of a dance called Prescott . It's a dance and aerobic exercise in one!
Rivington Morris (red and purple), the Flag and Bone Gang (black and red) and an unidentified men's Northwest Morris side (red and gold) in the procession.
Eynsham Morris dancing at the Bandstand.

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