Whitby backblip 4

MrM's son, Angus, joined us in Whitby today to help to look after Louie and on the stall. I did the afternoon shift on the stall while they went up to the campsite to put up the tent for Angus.

In the evening we walked by the quayside, where several people were still crabbing, and watched the swing bridge swing to let a boat through. Then we made our way up the steps to the Abbey to watch the fireworks marking the end  of Whitby Regatta. They were absolutely spectacular, and well worth waiting for! (MrM was surprised that I hadn't taken any photos of them but, sometimes, it's very nice to watch something for real, rather than on the other side of a lens!)

We had intended to go for a drink afterwards, but but all the pubs were full and overflowing. So it was back to the campsite for a quick tipple before bed.

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