Celebration in the sun

Whitby backblip 3

After spending the morning on the stall at the Craft Fair, I went for a wander round in the afternoon in search of some dancing. This is Wakefield Morris (one of the sides I used to dance with before we moved north) performing 'Celebration' in Pannett Park, with Whitby Abbey in the distance. Lovely to meet up with old friends and to meet some of the new dancers!

Once the Craft Fair had closed for the day, MrM and I walked Louie on the beach and spent some time with him before heading into Whitby for a meal. We were later than intended, and most eating places had already closed. Just made it (3 minutes before they were due to close!) to a fish restaurant in time for take-away fish & chips, which we ate sitting on some steps in the Market Square.

Then for a walk by the harbour, and on to a music session in the Golden Lion. It was held in a very small room which was very crowded, though I managed to get a seat. We didn't stay too long - the music wasn't entirely to MrM's taste, and I was in danger of being deafened by a box player, who had no idea of personal space or, evidently, the volume of his instrument!

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