Spring Camellia......

......on a dismal grey day, a light drizzle at times but mostly dull with a slight breeze.

A good day visiting R, mum and I were able to reach him and join in on his ramblings. There were visions of the older days, some farm work, speaking of his brothers and mother, lots of talk of going to Hamilton, Whakatane, Auckland, London and visiting parliament. He mention he was going away to a busy, busy place that was different and he would see us when he got back. We spoke of golf and there was even some hint of his last occupation as a real estate agent. We laughed and enjoyed his smiles before he ate his lunch and then fell asleep. Lots of memories shared today although very confused.

I'm tired and about to turn out the light, it will be another busy week ahead.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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