Mostly a dull dreary day, rain had fallen overnight and the ground was wet and soggy. I couldn't settle today, I wandered through the garden several times with a cuppa in hand, starting some house jobs but not finishing them.

Then the sun came out mid-afternoon, all of a sudden I felt energised so much that I decided to wash the car, start some washing, tidy the house, prepare tea - what a difference the sun makes to the day.

On one of my strolls through the garden I saw this fallen camellia fading and turning brown. Many don't like brown camellia's but I don't mind them, often their stamens still holding their form and the petals becoming more crinkled and lined as they age, this one is just beginning to fade.

I put yesterday's blip up this morning if anyone is interested, mum and I will visit R tomorrow as we really needed a break today.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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