Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Same Same But Different

*Some* blippers may know that phrase from t-shirts seen on holiday in the Far East in the late 90s. My friend Carol Farrell has told me about the phrase. I think it works really well here as standing next to me is Jacqueline and we are next to my desk - in the office of course.

When I finally tracked down some Magna Carta t-shirts in the summer, it was online and not being able to accurately gauge the size of the t-shirt, I ordered Medium. I soon figured I'd got it wrong and before they were even produced, I asked for the size to be changed. As anyone knows in manufacturing, asking for a change is a big no-no as it just confuses things, and sure enough, despite the person in the "office" saying it was all sorted, two t-shirts (black for me, red for G) were despatched and received at friend rachelwhynot's house. Mine was not big enough for me, but the very kind people at Redbubble said I could keep and enjoy the two sent out by mistake, whilst they work on getting the right size out to me. So, 2 Large t-shirts then arrived at Gs mum's home and she brought them out when she came home.

The reason why Jacqueline is wearing one of these treasured t-shirts is because when I got back and was telling her about my holiday and doing things related to the 800th anniversary, her eyes lit up... so she got the extra t-shirt. It's nice to have someone at work with so many similar interests. Today was the first opportunity for us both to wear them on dress-down Thursday.

And later, I collected a six year old Fuji camera I'd given for repair. The whole main board has been replaced and it works very well! G & I then ate at Carluccio's before doing the weekly shop at Carrefour. Probably not the best idea on a Thursday night, but I did get to meet the Staedtler pencil, and I have to admit to being a bit excited about it!!

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