A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


It's Matchpot Time.  The bedroom is a pinky beige currently. Planning to add a bit more colour - on one wall anyway.

Today started lazily as befits a B&B Monday (you lot get your lie-in's in Saturdays; we don't) - not that 8:30 really counts as a lie-in.  Nice bright sunny morning which I forget to photograph.

Most of the day has focussed around The Bedroom, fixing various things and buying cornice, while the ceiling continues to be ceil'ed.

This isn't the first time the ceiling's been replaced.  The original lath & plaster one is long gone, and with it whatever cornice it might have had.  We've chosen to replace it, ideally with something roughly of the same simple profile as elsewhere in the upstairs rooms (the stuff downstairs is just awesome). 

I'd not appreciated quite how complex a process the purchase of cornice could become.  I'll not explain otherwise I'll be here all night.

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