Skip's Blips

By Skip

A seriously close encounter

It looks like this little finch is happy with the new  feeder we bought for them recently. It's the only feeder we have at the bird buffet that the deer don't completely consume overnight. Last week I came home from a meeting at about 9 pm and discovered a deer standing in the middle of the backyard, staring at the feeder. "Better get over there and bring that feeder inside," I said to myself, "or she will soon be helping herself to supper."  Keeping one eye on the doe, I walked her way. Almost at the feeder, I glanced down and discovered a skunk gobbling up the seeds spilled on the ground below the feeder by the birds and squirrels.  No wonder the deer wasn't coming any closer. I wasn't either! I beat a really quick retreat, dashed into the house, and locked the door!

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