This is not an “exotic” Marigold - it’s a Pot Marigold or Calendula Officinalis and it wasn’t just bought for its beauty, but also to do a job!  

Mr. HCB planted them in a long trough, put them across the doorway of his greenhouse and this stopped any whitefly from getting on to his tomatoes.  Apparently, there is something in Marigolds that whitefly don’t seem to like and it has worked for him for many years.

He was especially pleased this year because he mixed some calcium with water and watered his tomatoes when they started fruiting, and all through the growing season, with this and he hasn’t had any blossom end rot.  This may not seem important to you, but the cries of consternation when lots of tomatoes are affected by this strikes fear into the hearts of many a grower’s wife, so I was pleased that it worked too!

If only it were possible to “water” our children and grandchildren, and even ourselves, with something that would keep us safe from all the dangers that are lurking in the world.  My “watering” has been done since our children and grandchildren were born with prayer over them and for them and the “fruit” they are now showing is a pleasure to see.

The fruit of the Spirit is 
                    and self-control.
Galatians 5 : 22-23 NIV

P.S.  My extra photograph is a butternut squash flower - sadly I don’t think we are going to get any butternut squashes this year - Mr. HCB thinks it is too cold now - but he says he will get them in earlier next year! 

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