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Lacock Again (Sunday 6th September 2015)

When I visited Lacock on the August bank holiday I had intended to visit the NT grounds but had instead walked down to the river and then explored the High Street market, so when I passed through there last Sunday I decided to put that right.

As I approached the NT car park driving over Lacock Bridge I could just see a pair of swans below the bridge on the Avon so I did walk back down to the river to see them. One had appeared to be on some reeds that might have been a nest, but when I reached them I could see that there was no nest, just some horizontal reeds growing by the banks, floating in the shallows. While I was trying to photograph them (they were obscured by undergrowth) a couple went past on a kayak (see Extra) - something I hadn't seen on that stretch before.

I did a tour of the Lacock Abbey grounds, exploring the botanic gardens and walking as usual up to the brook, hoping to see the Smokey lookalike cat the Abbess hanging out there, but she wasn't on this occasion, although I did see another cat sitting on the perimeter wall near the pond.

When I looked at the pictures afterwards, taken on the Nikon P900 superzoom, I discovered that my photo mojo had apparently been on compassionate leave and there wasn't a single picture that I was really happy with.

The red sunflower was in the botanic gardens and although I had the Pentax 100mm macro and camera in my bag, I left it there and took this with the macro setting on the P900 for some reason. The 'proper' version is in my Flickr album, but exclusively for Blip I played around with the image to create this doctored reworking and a mono version (in Extras).

13.9.2015 (1450 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jimmy Reed - Shame, Shame, Shame (recorded February 1963, Chicago IL)
Mathis James Reed (b. September 6, 1925 on Mr. Johnny Collier's Plantation, Dunleith, Washington County MS; d. August 29, 1976 in a hotel room in Oakland CA)
Jimmy Reed was born 90 years ago on this day. The line-up for this track is Jimmy Reed (vocal, harmonica, guitar), prob. William 'Lefty' Bates (guitar), prob. Jimmy Reed Jr (guitar), prob. Al Duncan (drums).

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