"The Chauffeur"

A first. I read this morning that Friday night at Bestival was the first time that Duran Duran had ever taken a headline slot at a music festival. "Gone were the bouffants, boats, bevies of beautiful women .... they still have soul and substance." They performed Rio as an encore to rapturous response. My daughter used to love them, making her own version of the Rio vid on the deck of our flotilla yacht. She loved the rather risqué The Chauffeur video. https://vimeo.com/9976137

A first for us. My grandson was chauffeur to his mother, sister and me. The droning engine wasn't throbbing in time with our beating hearts and though it was quite sunny, we weren't sweating glistening dew drops. We loved it though. He's becoming a good driver. I hope he enjoys driving, has as much fun being around cars and meeting petrolheads as his mother and I do. 

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