1500 Blipfoto Journal entries!

It is hard to believe, but yes it is true. This marks 1,500 blipfoto entries for me since December 4, 2010. Thank you, Frieda!! She told me about blipfoto back in November 2010 when she joined and I was soon hooked. Thank you all, for welcoming me here and keeping me here. 

I thought about what I wanted to post today, but decided not to fret about a special photo for the day. Instead, I went for something near & dear to my heart. Lately I have been dipping into my art journaling a little more frequently and I am so happy. My friend Julie took my online advice about "just starting with something you like" and she worked in a small art journal just like the one above. As soon as I saw what she did, I was inspired to pull out the small journal I had covered with fabric not long ago & add my own art! Above is the result. I have a few more photos & text about creating it here on my art blog.

I love the freedom of being able to share my art here, whether it is mixed media collage, paintings, small ATCs (artist trading cards) or even creative exercises like ICADs (index card a day) . . . not to mention the photos I take of other things besides my art!  I do so appreciate your support of my creativity. It is so important to me. All of the sharing helps to keep my engine purring in a creative way. A wonderful added bonus is that I have gotten to develop friendships with some of the warmest, kindest and most talented people around! I'm happy to announce that in a mere 7 months, I will be traveling from Florida USA to Australia, to take an art workshop in Melbourne, and to visit many blip friends in Adelaide and Blackheath. I feel very blessed!  

In honor of this special day, I have updated my profile here with a little history of my blip birthdays so far and a bit more about me. :O)
I also want to let you know that a very good, special friend of mine, Sharon (shabor) has joined blip and uploaded her first blip here. I hope you will be able to welcome her to this lovely community & say hello! She creates beautiful jewelry, I love her collages and she is a wonderful friend! 

Let the celebrations begin!! 1500 blipfoto entries - YAY! 

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