river ride

Yesterday, even though it was hot, I asked Steven to take me out in Chelsea when he was done with his work on Nibs, our new skiff. Chelsea is back in the water as transport for us because the new boat needed work done on the transom. Chelsea has a nice roof for shade and it was actually quite breezy underway for most of the ride, so we all enjoyed. I took about 2 minutes of video while riding and just set the video to music this afternoon. If you would like to join us for a boat ride (dogs are welcome) then hop in HERE

Chelsea was handcrafted at Lucas Boatworks where Steven works on boats & other creative things. It has a riding LAWN MOWER engine for power!! I found a song that started with a motorcycle engine, but most of the engine noise you'll hear on the video is for real, from Chelsea! Also, at one point you'll see Steven checking a device he got for the new boat, Nibs. It is a hand held GPS to check speed, depth of water and where to go. He reports Chelsea clocked in at 6 mph :O)

p.s. My next entry = 1500!!!

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