Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Road Trip

Yesterday, beside standing in the cold rain (the extra) at Tatum’s soccer game (same field as the day before which was hot and sunny) we tried to get ready for our trip tomorrow.  NO blip.  I’m feeling a bit harried.  So today we are seriously gathering and packing for this trip with just the 2 of us we have planned as a celebration between our birthdays (H will be 75 in October…)  I’m good at packing very light with one small carryon and camera bag to go across the world but this car thing allows me to put in extra shoes and jackets —and tripod!  Will try not to get carried away.  :-)  A friend loaned us these lovely Atlas/Gazetteers—(I just learned the difference -Gazaetteer is more of a dictionary with lists of things and the Atlas, the maps of roads etc.) 

I have been reading Stephen Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis and Clark “corp of discovery” expedition to find the water way across the United States to the Pacific Ocean, as requested by President Thomas Jefferson.   Of course there was no continuous waterway but they did get to the Ocean in 1805 by traversing the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho on their way to the Columbia River.   They were the first white men to brave this route across..they could not have succeeded without some help from the Indians.. it is an amazing adventure… So we are going that route —over Lolo Pass,  Idaho to Montana -— but in a car.     Some days in Yellowstone and the GrandTetons - Lewis and Clark were never in this National  Park territory --is the ultimate goal (and back through Oregon with a short stop in Portland. ) 

A bit of the  luster is off, however as the Seattle school teachers are still on strike. (day 4)  and we’re feeling some guilt leaving…    So I’m posting this early,(and hastily)  expecting the granddaughters for some time this afternoon and have my fingers and toes crossed that the strike ends soon, and fairly.   They are talking….hopefully getting closer.  
Edit:  The girls came over and we went to the park -they in their new school shoes,  (the other extra) and we watched a movie.  All good.

Not sure about blipping on the trip.  Might just need a bit of a break!  But there will be photos sometime of course …. I’ll be back…:-)

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