Young Love

We had another beautiful Spring day and it was so good to get all the washing dry. This afternoon I had appointment to see the Optometrist as I hadn't had my eyes tested for the few years.

My eyes hadn't change much which a pity as I really would have like to have changed my frames. Because I have to have prisms put into my lenses they cost a lot of money, so can't really justify the cost just now!

I had the health check and all was really good until he scanned the back of the eye and found a dark spot more noticeable in my right eye. He wasn't sure if is a aging process or a because of medication or something more sinister. He wants me to have a full scan for the back of the eye, which I will have on Tuesday.

When I got home John suggested we take a drive to Sumner seeing it was such a lovely afternoon. On the way we got some seed potatoes for the garden followed with a walk along the beach. It was lovely walking along the beach watching people enjoying the warm weather. Afterwards we had a early dinner out at a Japanese restaurant.

I took this shot for my blip on Sumner beach along with the extras shots.

After all the drops and lights that the Optometrist put in my eyes I have come down with a really bad headache so was pleased I wasn't driving. Just about didn't put up my blip today because of the headache.

Young Love
You say you love me
you say you care
But when you look into my eyes
I see and feel something more
I see your soul and you see mine
I feel your love, love words can't describe
You are the one, the one I'll always love
and the one that will always care.... my first love

by Casmine

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