The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Wheatsheaf Home - That's All Folks!

Our final league game of the season. Me and Dawn were just down watching as we completed our last game last night.

Our two pairs were playing Wheatsheaf, the team that fannied me and Dawn back in June

A win and a loss at half time meant our 9th draw of the season was on!

Both second half games were close and hard fought, Clive and Eileen had a gilt edged chance to kill the game, but only picked up a four when the game was at their mercy. It proved to be their last chance and they lost 13-11. Carl and Rachel went down 13-9, and so we completed things with a draw. We had only the three wins in the season, it could have been oh so different if we could have converted some of those draws! That's the beauty of sport .. so many what ifs, maybes and might have beens!

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